Protect your vehicle from everything the road throws at it with STEK paint protection films. Available in gloss or matte finish, or in a variety of amazing fashion PPF options, STEK's paint protection film is the pinnacle of paint protection technology on the market today. With a 10-year warranty, this film is built to stand up to the test of time - and the test of road duty.

Clear bra, or paint protection film, is designed to provide a physical barrier between rocks, debris, bugs, gravel, road salt, magnesium chloride, tree sap, and other small projectiles and your vehicle's painted surfaces. In conjunction with one of our ceramic coating packages, your vehicle can receive bumper-to-bumper protection that can last for a decade with annual maintenance.

Using STEK's class-leading paint protection film, we can cover as much or as little of your vehicle as you'd like, even covering your entire car for long-lasting protection. We can also perform a complete color change of your vehicle using STEK's fashion PPF for a fresh look that also provides astounding protection to your vehicle's factory paint and other surfaces.

Please see our online store for our available PPF packages or request a quote and we'll get in touch as soon as possible!